Posted: Oct 28 2015

UNDERCOVER,  a fashion brand that has drawn enthusiastic support among young people since the early '90s, celebrates its 25 year anniversary this year and showcases a celebratory retrospective exhibiting pieces from collections dating back to 1994. Making its debut in the Tokyo Collection in Autumn/Winter 1994, it has participated in the Paris Collection since its Spring/Summer 2013 season and has since attracted global attention. The brand is headed by Jun Takahashi, a two time recipient of the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prize in Japan, which proves that his achievements are highly honored in Japan. His unique worldview is presented with a variety of his creations, mostly fashion along with photographs, images, and dolls intertwined. This is where Undercover's innate nature lies.

The exhibition entitled "Labyrinth of Undercover" introduces the brand's intricately intertwined and multifaceted creations. The venue, displaying 25 years of its valuable collection archives, videos of shows, dolls, and paintings, is literally a labyrinth. You are sure to experience the real appeal of Undercover, which does not fall strictly within the fashion category and is rich in cultural features.

The beautiful exhibition will be live for public viewing until the 23rd of December 2015 at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in Japan. If you have a planned trip to Japan between now and the 23rd of December, we highly recommend you to view this exhibit firsthand.