British designer Martine Rose (the label that shares her name)
create menswear that reflects the street culture of cities like
London and New York and steals runways in Paris and
Milan. Elements pulled from Rose’s youth in the
ultra-baggy 90s rave scene cross-bred with
S&M and the ultra- masculine sportswear
of the football casual.

Volume, proportion, fabrication, graphics and a brazen approach
to mixing materials in construction all help Martine Rose stand
out among the numerous designers and labels at the
convergence point between streetwear and high
fashion. A crossroads that grows more
crowded with every passing season.

Another in a long line of self-styled “outsiders” who’ve pushed
fashion forward with little concern for broad trends and
established norms, Martine Rose draws inspiration
from her position someone who’s background
and goals seem opposed to those of fashion
houses who’s work seems increasingly
stodgy and self serious when held
against her unique creations.

After years carving out a niche in the fashion world,
collaborations with brands like Balenciaga and
Vetements finally signalled the growing
influence of Martine Rose in a world
desperate for new voices. Martine
Rose may be the future of fashion,
but at the moment fashions
present state is theirs
for the taking.

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