From Geoff Nishimoto:

This is just a small tribute to a refreshing drink and a nod to my son who changed my life.

Why the dads? I wanted to share our motivation as dads to teach, learn, and grow together through the bond between parent and child. I've worked in this industry for a long time, but when my son Wave was born, my purpose and drive changed. It's hard to describe, but if you've been through it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

My dad's name and my own are engraved at the Japanese American National Museum in LA. As a Japanese American, I wanted to add my son Wave’s name to the walk and will be making a donation to the museum in his name on behalf of this project. Besides Pat Morita, one of the best connections to our culture through facts and history is the JANM.

This project is my simple way of connecting generations: remembering loved ones who aren't around anymore, thinking about how they affected me, and watching my son grow up and change everyday. Hope you guys can have fun with it!
Our idea for Pocari Sweats is a fanfiction lettering pun carried to the last decimal place. This 90’s patterned heather is the classic sweats color. The variant on the name mark changes the expression, then it is translated into Japanese as “Pokari Suettsu.” For the back pocket, we converted a Japanese recycle icon into a symbol featuring my son’s name, "Wave Kentaro”.

The capsule consists of a pair of sweatpants, wool caps, and socks, all made in the USA. The sweats are cut in a heavyweight 20oz 407 gsm 97% cotton/ 3% poly heathered fleece, custom milled to order. They run true to size for a loose athletic leg; for extra baggy go up a size. Hats are adjustable six panel caps in 100% wool twill by Paa, and the iconic blue socks are courtesy of Kyle the Knitter.