This story begins in 1982 with the debut of the New Balance 990.
After years of research and design, the 990 debuted with an
unprecedented $100 price-point. The shoe’s understated
grey-dominant colorway made waves in a competitive
running shoe market dominated by bright colors.



THE 990 VERSION 2.0:
The next step in the evolution of the 990 came 16 years later with
the 990v2. The 990v2 introduced new technology and design
elements that would be reflected in the 990 series going
forward, changes that belied the subtlety of its updated name.


THE 991:
The next phase for the 990 came three years later with an updated
naming system extended to “990X”. The first new model, the 991
featured a newly designed midsole that showcased the new
ABzorb cushioning that would be synonymous with New
Balance performance models.



THE 992:
New Balance celebrated 100 years in 2006 and this event
coincided with the release of the 992. In this model the
midsole continued to evolve and Abzorb Stability
Insock technology made its debut.



THE 993:
Two years later, New Balance introduced the 993, the final
model to utilize the 99X naming convention. It combined
elements of the 991 and 992 while infusing improved
cushioning elements. To this day, the 993 remains
as one of the most popular iterations of the 990 series.



THE 990 VERSION 3.0:
The nest update came with another anniversary. 30 years
after the first 990 the 990v series was revived for the 990v3
which arrived with perforated uppers and mesh panels for
improved breathability and reduced weight.



THE 990 VERSION 4.0:
2016 saw the debut of the 990v4. While this new edition
introduced a redesigned midsole with better overall
comfort it was made more memorable through several
collaborations with brands and shops like Stussy, DTLR
and YCMC all of whom have created their own memorable
colorways of the now iconic casual performance shoe.