Posted: April 2, 2019


Engineered Garments is the creation of Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki, who’s boyhood fascination with American workwear aesthetics and craftsmanship lead him to New York’s historic Garment District, where he would found Nepenthes, an unlikely boutique that could exist nowhere else in the world.


Nepenthes location in the heart of the garment district gave Suzuki and his collaborators to direct access to their manufacturers and allowed them to carry out their own production directly above the shop itself. A business model wholly unique in the age of fast fashion and cheap mass production fueled by rampant globalism.


Obsessed with idiosyncrasies and imperfection, Suzuki’s view of Americana has the wonder and reverence of an outsider looking in. Military surplus, workwear, jeans, flannel, ivy league, yachting and classic outdoors wear all make up the vocabulary Suzuki draws from when crafting collections that breath new life into classic pieces. Engineered Garments’ pieces evoke a mythical view of an American golden age while still looking to the future.


Think Norman Rockwell meets Rei Kawakubo and you’re beginning to get the picture.

High profile collabs with Adidas, Vans, Baracuta, Converse, Dr Martens & others have shown that Engineered Garments unique vision translates to footwear and has an appeal that reaches beyond the world of fashion insiders.


“Made in U.S.A. is different… I'm not saying it's a better product. Sometimes it's a defective product That's how I want our product to be... If we made our product in Japan, it's gonna be too perfect.” -Daiki Suzuki