We wanted to wrap up with a big thank you to everyone who came out our store locations and waited patiently for our doors to open for this past weekend's launch of  "Bones" Style 36. Of course, with all big releases whether it be for sneakers or some type of highly sought after consumer product (i.e. iPhone, Playstation, Xbox, etc.) plenty of folks left sour-hearted and empty-handed, due to supply not being able to meet the demand. With each release we drastically increase our unit count for our collaborations with Vans, but are always shocked by the increased amount of folks who flock and queue hours before the launch. We can never predict the outcome of these collaborative projects and always try to be very mindful when we decide to submit our finalized size assortment to Vans. Sad to say, the marketplace, as always, will be shadowed by thieves AKA "resellers" and that's just how the game works, and this applies not only to footwear, but any type of consumer goods for which the demand is overwhelming. We try our best to combat these circumstances, but it's safe to say we cannot simply discriminate against folks we "assume" are there to make a pretty penny off of our products and accommodate someone else. Its unethical, unjust, and downright wrong. We're still a very small boutique company and have a lot to learn to finely-tune these procedures. These circumstances apply to our online store as well.

Congratulations to those who were able to purchase their pair to wear. Kudos to those who were in it for profit, just realize how many folks you "dicked over" just to make some selfish financial gains, its your karma, but we're sure you're already completely aware of that and don't care. Lastly, we apologize to those of you who waited patiently, but came home empty-handed on Saturday. We're hoping the next release will be twenty times smoother.

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