NikeLab enlists CEO of Miniwiz, Arthur Huang, in crafting a truly unique packaging system for the latest Air Max 1 Flyknit Royal. Huang, who is both architect and structural engineer revisions a more sustainable approach to the shoe’s packaging utilizing post-consumer materials and reproduced from a single process Polypropylene without added chemicals. The shoe’s box allows it to be used as a stackable, interlocking component for display or a unique storage system. “These are all intentional features and qualities which revolve around the intent of every Miniwiz product — reducing the impact on the environment in every way it can,” notes Huang. “In this case, we’re adding features and efficiency to an existing product (shoe boxes) and by re-using non-virgin materials in a sustainable and responsible way.” –– Furthermore the shoe’s box can also serve in a variety of user essential multi-purpose needs, including a hardshell knapsack to name one unique functionality.

The NikeLab Air Max 1 Flyknit Royal will be available this Thursday, April 6th, in-store at Blends Costa Mesa and Larchmont Village.

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