This week the 24th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was held in Los Angeles and Blends was there to take it all in. Each year this event that is both a trade show/convention and a social happening is the scene of announcements and one-of-a-kind interactive experiences that highlight what's to come in the world of "video games". A medium that is an ever increasing influence on the broader culture and a rapidly developing art form in its own right.

 Among this years most exciting announcements (which typically include trailers and demonstrations of live gameplay) were numerous continuations of established and beloved franchises. Among them was a new version of Nintendo's beloved "Super Smash Bros" series and a new entry in the iconic "Fallout" franchise entitled "Fallout 76". As always video games based around giants of film and television were present as well and included a new game based on the massively popular AMC zombie drama "The Walking Dead" and an updated reimagining of the free-roaming, high-flying Spider-Man games that enraptured players during original Xbox and PS2 era. However, the most exciting game to be featured at the this years E3 promises to be something wholly original. "Death Stranding" the new game by giant and innovator Hideo Kojima (who's work on the "Metal Gear" series is the stuff of legend) appears to be a genre-defying step forward in a medium where truly new experiences are increasingly rare. The game features actor Norman Reedus traversing vast, bleak landscapes that are as stunningly rendered as his recognizable face. The foreboding tone of this game's trailer evokes an as of yet unamed catastrophe. Nuclear war? Epidemic virus? Only time will tell as the trailer unveiled at this years E3 was as vague as it was stunningly beautiful.

The massive and enthusiastic turnout for this yearly event contradicts the presumption that video games are an isolating force and highlights the sense of community that exists among the players, many of whom arrive in costume. As this industry and community grows its influence on the worlds of art, fashion, music and design will become more and more difficult to ignore.

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