Celebrities and streetwear fans flocked this past weekend to the Long Beach Convention center to partake in the first ever, Complexcon, an expo that allowed consumers to purchase rare pieces directly from their favorite brands as well as the chance to meet some of their idols in music, art, and fashion. Brands (A Bathing Ape, ASSC, Nike, Union, Bodega, RSVP Gallery, etc.) showcased limited edition pieces specially curated just for the occasion and had fans flocking into epic lines to purchase these rare once in a lifetime pieces at their booths. Celebrities such as Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Virgil Abloh were amongst the few who interacted with the crowd, giving their fans a chance to have a special moment with their heroes. Digital montages by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami adorned the centerstage of the convention center with psychedelic Manga-style visuals that gleamed through large LED screens that allowed the artist's fans to capture a special moment with Murakami's art as well as artist himself.

It's amazing to see how far this niche market we call "Streetwear" and "Sneaker Consumerism" has evolved from '90s to early '00s. Never would we have imagined the likes of Complexcon to come to fruition back in those days, let alone deeming it a monumental success as it was this past weekend. A special thanks to the folks who worked rigorously to put together this epic convention where consumers could engage with their favorite artists, musicians, and designers as well as Complexcon for giving us the full-access pass to the full weekend not only at the expo, but at the evening shows as well.

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