This past January East-European designer Gosha Rubhchinskiy presented his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection in the city of Kaliningrad, which was the designer's first show in Russia since 2009. His open casting call attracted deny of young men from all over the country. This short follows three young men as they go one about their daily rituals at home and preparations for Gosha Rubchinskiy's Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show in Kaliningrad. INRUSSIA commissioned director team Papaya Dog and cinematographer Maxim Tomash to document their journey there.

The film's protagonists Andrey, Ivan and Kirill live in Divnogorsk (5,420 km to Kaliningrad), Krasnodar (2,594 km to Kaliningrad) and Kaliningrad. The film crew follows their daily routine at home and the preparations for the fashion show at Kaliningrad's Regional Center of Youth Culture. Apart layers their responses to a new experience, and offers an artistic representation of the three young men's attitudes and views.

The documentary continues the collaboration between INRUSSIA and Gosha Rubchinskiy in 2017. A guide to Kaliningrad was created by the designer's team and the platform's authors in January. A documentary following Rubchinskiy's friends and collaborators PАССВЕТ on a skateboarding trip to the US is currently in production. The project is directed by pro skateboarder Tolia Titaev and filmed by artist Julian Klincewicz. It will premier in April 2017.

INRUSSIA is an alternative guide to the Russian world. The platform publishes books, produces documentary films and brings Russian talent to public notice online at inrussia.com The project is based in Moscow and was launched in November 2016.


 Watch the short by streaming the video below.

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