The middle grounds between the City of Orange, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, and Irvine; Santa Ana has seen a major reformation these past few years (especially downtown) with various niche eateries, bars, and shops popping up and thriving. Very much like Los Angeles' Downtown scene, this suburb of L.A. is a melting pot of varying cultures and the environmental balance brings an interesting mix. The youth bleeds skateboard culture as mobs of kids ride through the streets reminiscent of New York in the early to Mid '90's, while the older generation flock to indulge in delicious eats from restaurants like Playground, Diego's, and the 4th St. Market to name a few (and we mean it when we say "to name a few"). We saw the East End of Santa Ana redevelop being dead center of it all with our Santa Ana location and we love what we're seeing. 

Cruise by our Santa Ana location conveniently located across the street from the 4th Street Market in Downtown's East End and say what's up!


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Photos taken by Mikey Santos of Blends Santa Ana

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