Published in 2007 'Style Deficit Disorder' by Tiffany Godoy highlights the Japanese Street Fashion scene and the significance it plays to the global fashion world. The cosplay and costume scene of Harajuku and Ura-Hara scene that paved strong passage to various street and fashion brands today. This book features notable brands such as Comme des Garçons, Under Cover, Visvim, Hysteric Glamour, A Bathing Ape to name a few and some background on why these brands played such strong rolls in the fashion industry. 

In the ever revolving world of fashion and hi-technological advancement, we tend to skip the historical importance of what made icons icons, and just jump on hype because of social media, fashion blogs, and celebrity product placement. This book really strives to educate its readers to why these brands have become so influential, and gives the readers a crash-course of their back story(s).
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